About us

There are various technologies that have been applied by the surgeon of Thailand and this is what exactly making the revolution in world of medical science. Due to this reason world over patients are moving towards it for any kind of health care. Basically it’s the special place for general and plastic surgery that provide an attractive look to the patients. Also the surgeons are having well skilled hands to handle any type of critical surgery process. The advanced tools are using by our specialists that introduced never before. Human heath care is our prime motto so we trying our label best to satisfy the patients according to their wish. The best quality service and fair expenses is the main aim behind our services. Our fair business policy is the main attractions for world over patients. Due to this reason more than thousand of satisfied patients are drawing their results according to their wise and spend a better lifestyle with family.    The safety & well being have to be foremost priority while you have the plastic surgery, irrespective of whether you have the liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and some other type of the operation. Your option of the plastic surgeon must figure out prominently in the concerns about safety. An only surgeon you must trust with the health & body is one who has got certification from American Board of the Plastic Surgery.

The certified surgeon had to go by intensive as well as exhaustive training, which renders him being at an apex in field and this is a person that you would like to work on you! In order, to give you a bit of background on this, the plastic surgeon cannot get certified by ABPS till he has graduated from the accredited medical school. In an other word, school, which has got stamp of an approval by relevant academic organizations. Then he should complete the internship & residency, which ranges all over the place from 5 to 7 years in the duration. After this comes 3 to 5 years of the general surgery training & 2 years of the plastic surgery training. Priro to the certification is granted final step is series of written & administered examinations. Also, there is lots of training as well as education that is involved however this is reassuring to all physician’s future patients.

And safety is about where you are having the plastic surgery done. Options also include hospitals, the accredited ambulatory centers and private clinic of the operating physician. Also, it is very important to do homework and medical facility where the procedure is done must get certified by one of the health care agencies- and AAAASF, Medicare, JCAHO and AAAHC. In case, you determined to have the operation at surgical facility, which is not the hospital then ensure that you select one, which has the transfer agreement with hospital in town and city.