Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

What are the procedures required to admit in the hospital?

While a patient move for this hospital, before they have a certain reason that has accepted by this hospital surgeon for admitting in this hospital for the patient´s wellness. If the patient does not have any matter to the body related, then they cannot be considered as patient for this hospital.

Through this hospital, the patient can solve their organ problem and can change the sex for living the dual life effectively. In this regard, the surgeon should take some test of the patient for knowing the actual problem of the patient. After the test the surgeon is granting for the treatment through the high end medical services with advance technology. The technique is been used in the patients who have small penis, and to intervene in people whose vagina was been plugged. It will as well get used for the patients who have not had any sexual reassignment surgery. Vagina consists of piece of colon that is well lubricated. The technique also comes to rescue of the patients who have already undergone the sexual reassignment surgery at MTF surgery hospital however has obstructed vagina & are thus not able having sex. It as well renders the service to the patients who have small penis and as in the case, surgeon can come to conclusion that transactions of type SRS 1 & SRS 2 is performed.

Vagina has natural lubricant and it is likely to determine depth of neo-vagina made. The scar around seven inches long is visible above left side of pubis. Operation is very difficult & needs preparatory procedures like cutting colon that should first be completely cleaned by enema 24 hours prior to removal. Patient might suffer from the dyspepsia (that is functional bowel disorders) and for 2 to 3 days after the surgery. Patient must get hospitalized for least 4 to 6 days and to promote the wound healing at time of the hospitalization, it should do few things that are important. During first 2 days after the surgery, patient must not at all consume the food having the fiber drinks like fruit juices, milk as well as yogurt since they cause formation of feces and this will cause infection of wound . One to two days after the surgery, patient should lie on back, hips as well as legs raised a bit slightly apart for reducing the puffiness.