Piyavate Hospital

Why this hospital group offered online services?

It is the advanced services required for the business developments as well as satisfied the patients as soon as possible. Through this the patient can solve their problem and know the actual problem so that they can get the perfect through it. If the patients have some queries which are related to the problem, then they can easily connect with this hospital through the online media.

There are some experts are sitting down to solve the problem of the patients. It is most important to the patient because the patient can draw the hospital facilities through this terms and conditions. The surgeon can offer the best solution to the patient through this terms and conditions with high end medical services. Rehabilitation center of the Piyavate Hospital gives you complete range of the physical therapy rehabilitation services & occupational rehabilitation by using the modern, and advanced physical rehabilitation tool & rehabilitation medicine. The acupuncture was been approved by World Health Organization and as the medical treatment at 1979. Traditional Chinese Center gives you highly effectual treatment, the Chinese herbal medicine as well as Tui Na Massage. Piyavate Hospital staff contained American Board & Thai Board Certified Doctors in each specialty field, that is supported by well qualified registered nurses, administrative and technicians personnel. Piyavate Hospital is situated at Bangkok, Thailand.

Hospital gives you the medical services by using the modern technology & state of art equipment, and accredited by International Standards Organization. Piyavate Hospital has also established Chinese Medicine Center, and part of the “Centers of Excellence” view. Treatments accessible at Piyavate´s Chinese Medicine include acupuncture, thousand years of old traditional surgery from China, which was been certified by World Health Organization at 1979 as legitimate form of the medical treatment. The acupuncture is proven very effective in relief for pain, treatment of the infertility as well as orthopedic problems, and other medical problems. Also, in the combination with the acupuncture herbal medicines are prescribed to help in balancing the body function as well as improving the blood circulation. Caring, medical professionals that are coupled with the warm climate as well as fascinating city means modern health care service is great option for the physical therapy rehabilitation – and besides fact that it costs 90% less in USA, Europe and Australia.