Yanhee International Hospital

What are the facilities that the patient can take?

As per the present scenario, this hospital is continuing golden history in the medical field.  The surgeons have expertise about international treatments process. Through this hospital the patients are having best solution for their problem in significantly with tons of beneficial information. There are some international services are offering by the surgeons of this hospital and that are:

  • The hospital has offered 400 bed facilities for their patients
  • A patient will arrive to this place with having any type surgical problem
  • The medical has been certified by the ISO 9001
  • The surgeon of this hospital can offer a beautiful and seductive figure to the patient
  • It has 20 beds of ICU
  • The patient can take benefits VIP features

What can go wrong?

Few risks of the surgery include adverse response to the anesthesia, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, delayed healing, tear duct injury, nerve injury, as well as need for the revision surgery.

How I can prepare for the surgery in Yanhee?

In order, to avoid any kind of the complications as well as reduce the risk factors, you should be free from the upper respiratory troubles. And 2 weeks prior to the schedule, you have to end smoking, taking any hormonal pills, drinking alcoholic beverages, the herbal supplements, as well as medicines other than one that your physician will allow you continue. People with the chronic illnesses require some surgical clearance from the medical specialist.

What Yanhee Offers?

Today Yanhee International Hospital is a leading as well as the biggest center for wellness and beauty. Roots of Yanhee International Hospital generally go back to year 1984. At this time Doctor. Supot Sumritvanitcha who founded the PolyClinic for the outpatients. And five years later, the Yanhee PolyClinic expanded to 30bed hospital in new building as well as location. From this humble beginning, Yanhee international has grown last twenty three years what it is at present: major center for the Health and Beauty internationally established Yanhee Hospital.

To cover increasing demand in an area of wellness and beauty, the additional new building with around 200 beds is to be built at present now.

In Yanhee International Hospital you as the patient are in very good hands. Team of the surgeons as well as doctors has a huge international knowledge. Nurses & rest of staff are friendly as well as service oriented. All the nurses working in International Ward speak English. In case, needed interpreters for all the important languages are also available.