Birthmark Removal Thailand

Why the patients are requiring birthmark removal Thailand surgery method?

Birthmarks are the splotches, and these are appearing in assortment shapes, sizes and colors. In most of cases, the patient can get two types of birthmarks such as: coffee and cream birthmarks, and port wine stain birthmarks. So, there are many patients want to rectify the birthmark from their body. Due to this reason, the surgeon will use the birthmark removal Thailand surgery on the patient’s complication area.

With Birthmark Removal Thailand , the patient can get rid of birthmark permanently. So, it is the best medical techniques to remove the birthmark from the patient’s body.

What are the Birthmarks?

The pigmented birthmarks such as cafe-au-lait marks are the pigmented spots generally present from time of birth. Also, they are been comprised of the giant melanosomes, which have high density of the melanin  pigment, which makes color in the skin.

What are Causes of the Pigmented Birthmarks?

It is not very well known why a few of us have the birthmarks & others do not, however it is well known that occurrence is much higher in the darker skinned individuals such as Hispanics, Asians or African Americans.

Kinds of Birthmarks

The congenital moles (nevi): This kind of the birthmark will vary in size and shape however most are dark and brown colored. Also, they are found on different areas of body. In case, you have the moles of type, which are raised, and then we might not treat them normally don’t treat raised lesions.

Café-au-lait spots: And this kind of the birthmark is generally flat & smooth and they are oval shaped & are light brown and a little darker in the color and they are often found on torso, buttocks and legs.

How many of laser treatments it takes for the birthmark removal Thailand?

There are many kinds of the birthmarks – the red birthmarks are all vascular (and made up of the small blood vessels at surface of skin) as well as brown birthmarks, which are made up of the melanin (skin’s natural pigmentation), which is darker than surrounding skin.  Additionally, the birthmarks come in various sizes & density of the pigment.

Though most of the birthmarks are treated effectively with the class IV medical lasers, and it is very difficult to predict number of the laser treatments, which are needed for the birthmark remova Thailand l.  Realistic expectation we set for the patients is they need to get prepared for improvement or else fading instead complete resolution.  In a few cases we may get the complete birthmark removal Thailand, however even in these cases, and there is possibility at a few time in future, and more laser treatments are needed if birthmark reappears.