Tummy Tuck Thailand

What is tummy tuck Thailand?

Tummy Tuck Thailand is the best medical solution and also it commonly known as abdominoplasty. It is the vital plastic surgery through which the surgeon will remove excess fat and skin from the patient’s body. With the treatment the patient can enhance the appearance of stretch mark. Typically it can be performed in the patient’s abdominal area. It can take 2 to 5 hrs for offering great result to the patient. Now, there are numbers of patients are coming to the Thailand region for rectifying their abdominal problem successfully. Thailand is the best region for medical tourism.

What I must expect after this operation?

Healing procedure after the tummy tuck Thailand will span 2 to 4 weeks. In addition, tummy tuck Thailand patient is not able to stand totally upright for first week following procedure. It is very important for the tummy tuck patients having the dependable friend and family member help him and her during initial week.

Will I have scar after tummy tuck Thailand ?

Scarring is inevitable  and tummy tuck Thailand treatment can produce permanent scar in site of incision. Size of scar can depend on procedure selected.

How much does tummy tuck Thailand cost?

An average cost of the tummy tuck Thailand is between 3 to 5 thousand dollars . The prices differ by the surgeon as well as often operating room, the aesthesia as well as additional costs are additional.

How long do results of the tummy tuck Thailand last?

Results of the procedure are totally permanent with the right diet & exercise. But, the significant weight loss and gain, pregnancy or age adversely effects the surgical results. After many years, second tummy tuck Thailand  is done to restore originally to satisfy the results.

How is the tummy tuck  Thailand surgery done?

The full tummy tuck Thailand  is generally done under the general anesthesia. Surgeon makes the incision across lower abdomen above the pubic bone & pubic hair. And this incision might go from hip, however it is generally placed so it is hidden by the bikini bottom. After that, skin & fat is been separated from abdominal muscles up to bottom of rib cage. The incision is then made around belly button loosen skin as well as detach that from belly button. Frequently, the excess skin & fat below belly button is been removed.

In the full abdominoplasty, fascia & rectus abdominus muscles are all tightened by folding fascia all along centerline of abdomen. It tightens muscles & abdominal wall and skin above belly button is been pulled down toward pubis & sutured in the position as incision is closed. The new hole is been made in skin to suture over belly button.