Breast Augmentation Thailand

What is breast augmentation Thailand?

It is an advance medical technology through which patients are getting rid of breast complications. Now, there are many surgeons are offering some information about the breast augmentation Thailand to the patient.

With the help of breast augmentation Thailand, the patient can get their actual shape and size of the breast.

In this breast augmentation method, the surgeon will remove excess skin of the patient’s breast. Before the treatment, the patient will consider some information about the breast augmentation Thailand.

So, the patient can know the actual fact of the breast augmentation Thailand. It’s time to move for the online media and get more information about the breast augmentation Thailand from the well qualified surgeons.   The breast augmentation is popular cosmetic procedure in Thailand. People considering to have the breast augmentation Thailand must educate themselves on procedure as well as ask questions. Below are some frequently asked questions by the women who are considering the breast augmentation Thailand.

Types of Implants

Women now will select from 2 different kinds of the implants: saline or else silicone.

Saline implants were the FDA approved. Though implant does have the silicone based “shell,” and casing of implant, inside is been filled with the sterilized saltwater. At the surgery time, doctor fills implants to the desired volume, determined before procedure.

The new kind of the silicone implant was also FDA approved for the patients twenty two years old & older in 2006. The implants vary from original silicone implants in the “gummy bear” consistency. It means that in case, rupture happens, silicone can stay intact, as well as patient can likely not see. The implants are been prefilled as well as come in various sizes & profiles

Positioning the Implants

There are 2 possible placements for the implants: subglandular and subpectoral.

With the subglanduar placement, surgeon positions implant underneath breast tissue however above chest wall muscle. The implant is then placed in subpectoral position while it is under breast tissue & chest wall muscle.


The plastic surgeons are all aesthetically trained to make small & thin incisions. Unluckily, there is not any “scarless” incision and people scar differently, so degree of the scarring from the breast augmentation Thailand will vary. Normally, your surgeon can assure you scar from procedure is minimal and can fade with time. In case, you are concerned about the potential scarring, then you may ask the surgeon about style of incision. The plastic surgeons make the incisions in very less obvious places like under breast or else armpit.


Normally, full recovery after the augmentation takes eight weeks. This will as wel differ that depends on individual. Few women are also back to the normal activities in some days, whereas others feel very discomfort for some weeks or months.