Botox Thailand

What is botox Thailand?

There are numbers of medical techniques which are the best to rectify the complications of patients. However, the botox Thailand is the finest medical technique through which patient can get rid of odd facial appearance. With this treatment patient can get tons of benefits to their facial appearance. If the patients are having some doubt about the botox , then the patient can move for the online media. Here, the patient can get a full list of the skilled surgeons through which the patient can get the details of Thailand surgeons who are having expertise in the botox treatment. The patient can contact them to know the valuable information about the botox Thailand.

Is Botox Thailand approved by FDA?

Yes, the Botox Thailand is been approved by FDA as the cosmetic & medical treatment. Botox Thailand was approved first by FDA at 1989 as medical treatment for two eye disorders Blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking) as well as Strabismus (misaligned eyes). At 2000, FDA approved the Botox to treat the cervical dystonia, neurological disorder, which causes you severe shoulder & neck muscles contraction.

Botox Thailand was been approved by FDA as cosmetic treatment in 2002. In 2004, FDA approved the Botox  as treatment for the axillary hyperhidrosis for the patients who don’t respond very positively to the topical prescription drugs.

Is Botox Thailand very safe?

The botox injections are very safe & effective, and it is used to treat the various conditions for over one decade.

Where is the Botox Thailand administered?

The Botox  injections are generally injected on skin to treat the wrinkles & facial lines. Similar goes for the medical treatments, though technique is very different particularly in injection process & type of the needle.

Is there pain during the Botox injection?

The patients have reportedly experienced small pinching and “tiny bug bites” sensation at time of Botox injection procedure.

What should patient do after Botox Thailand treatment?

The patient is needed to rest without even lying down in first two hours after treatment. And exercising or strenuous activity is prohibited during the period. The patient is advised to avoid touching treated area for first four hours after treatment.

How long will results last & how soon will patient see results?

Results last for over 3 – 6 months. The re-injection of the Botox Thailand is needed to maintain desired appearance. Results are seen at two  to four weeks after treatment.

How much does typical Botox treatment will cost?

Cost of the Botox Thailand treatment can depend on where you live & area of face being treated. One may expect paying around $250 – $400 every treated area.

How long is treatment?

Actual Botox Thailand treatment for the wrinkles generally takes ten minutes but entire consultation time might take over 20 – 30 minutes.