Dermatology Thailand

What is dermatology Thailand?

Dermatology Thailand is the perfect surgical methods through which the patients can change look of skin. It can be performed under latest medical techniques with well qualified surgeons. With this treatment the patient can levitate their facial appearance with maintaining a smoother skin. During the treatment, the surgeons will remove all signs of aging, wrinkles, scars, and unshaped face of the patient. It has widely practiced among the surgeon at Thailand.  If the patient wants to know more information about the dermatology Thailand , then patient can move for the online media and contact to the surgeon through their details and know the benefits of it.

Do laser treatments actually hurt?

Normally, speaking, the laser treatment doesn’t “hurt”. Most of the laser treatments are been administered in the pulses, which last just small fraction of the second, that minimizes how much that you feel. Lots of patients describe sensation of the fractional & CO2 lasers being like feeling of the rubber band snapping on skin. In case, you have the sensitive skin, then you might ask us about the topical anesthetic options.

Do I need referral to see the dermatologist?

No! In case, you want to have the consultation, just contact us & we can schedule the convenient appointment time. Also note, however, insurance policies might differ and referral is essential for the insurance to cover a few types of the treatment. In case, you have any questions on what is been covered, then you must contact the insurance company straight.

What sunscreen I must use?

Any of the sunscreen is good than going without, however a few kinds of the sunscreen might protect you well or be suited to your requirements than others. Finding right sunscreen is finding one with right consistency for the skin type. And those can oily or else acne-prone skin might want go with the less greasy sunscreen. Also, anybody who is planning to go in deep water or else to sweat might want water proof or else water resistant formula. However, more importantly, it is important to get the sunscreen with high SPF factor for helping to shield you from the ultraviolet radiation.

Which moisturizers or lotions I must use?

Retaining the moisture is important aspect of the skin care, and will not just help the skin to feel soft, however help maintain the health & vitality. Selecting the moisturizer involves to know skin type & specific needs. In case, you have the dry skin, example, you might want heavier, oil and petroleum based moisturizer, and in case, you have the oily, acne prone skin, then look for the moisturizers, which are all water based, oil free as well as labeled “non-comedogenic” and “non-acnegenic”. People with the sensitive skin must get the hypo allergenic, perfume free formulations. Moisturizers with the SPF protection are excellent option in case, you are planning to be out in sun.