Labiaplasty Thailand

What is Labiaplasty Thailand?

The Labiaplasty Thailand  surgery is primly considered as reduce the shape and size of the female sexual organ. In the treatment time, the surgeon will start by injecting the patient general anesthesia, and after the surgeon will bring medical finest instrument for accomplishing the task successfully. During the treatment, the surgeon will remove fold skins which are arising after pregnancy, and intercourse.  It is the finest medical solution, and the surgeon will take 1 to 2 hrs for offering a complete result to the patient. So, the patient can feel comfort and relax in their intercourse time successfully.

Is there any pain during labiaplasty Thailand treatment ?

No, we give you enough anesthesia of choice, local or sedation and general anesthesia is accessible. We would like you to be very comfortable & do all we may to assure you are very comfortable during the labaiplasty Thailand .

Is there any pain during recovery for the labiaplasty Thailand  ?

The patients tell us pain is minimal & is very easily taken care with pain medication that we give. The severe pain is sign of the complication, like hematoma and you may have to contact us. Out of state patients will enjoy scenic beauty & a few of events here in Thailand after the surgery. But, you will not go in ocean till you heal.

Will there be any scars from the labiaplasty Thailand  ?

Type of the tissue that is cut doesn’t noticeably scar like seen in some other parts of body such as facial skin. Technique is that we just operate on mucous that like tissue in your mouth doesn’t notably scar.

Will sexual pleasure get affected after the labiaplasty?

The sexual feelings after labiaplasty Thailand   generally depend on degree of the labia abnormality to start with. In case, the excess labia tissue interferes with the sexual activity before labiaplasty, you & your partner might see some improvement after the surgery.

Is there way to alter color of labia & surrounding area?

This can depend on exact issue, still in a lot of cases color changes is made and this is done with the labiaplasty, or else without the labiaplasty at Thailand clinic.

Will labiaplasty be done with some other cosmetic treatments?

Yes, lots of times in Thailand Hawaii clinic we do labiaplasty Thailand , the breast augmentation or else liposuction on same patient.

Does doctor perform the “LASER Labiaplasty”?

What it means is cutting is done with the LASER that he can discuss with you. Also, there are some advantages in using LASER, however there are disadvantages as well. After this is discussed you are given choice of the LASER labiaplasty. Still we would like you to be aware of every technique in completely detail prior to you select. The information is discussed best at consultation because of complexity & controversy of the “LASER labiaplasty Thailand  ” .