Lasik Thailand

Lasik ThailandBest Surgical Method!

 Why the patients prefer this surgical option?

Lasik Thailand  is one of the best surgical methods to repair the facial damages of the patient. This medical method is fully depending on the cosmetic techniques. So, the patient can be treated under cosmetic surgery. At the time of treatment the patient will move under general or local anesthesia. This is the best medical procedure through which patients can levitate their facial appearance with removing wrinkles, scars, and other facial skin related problem. It will take 1 to 2 hrs for offering great result to the patient. At Thailand the patient can tons of benefits from it.

How I know if I am th candidate?

Ideal candidate is more than 18 years of the age with the healthy eyes & stable vision. The LASIK Thailand treatment will correct various nearsightedness, farsightedness as well as astigmatism.

Is there upper age limit for the laser eye surgery?

No! There is not upper age limit however you must not at all have cataracts.

In case, I am not at all eligible for the LASIK Thailand operation, and are there other options that are available for me?

The LASIK Thailand operation is just one kind of the refractive surgery that is available to the patients. Though you might not get eligible for the LASIK Thailand, you are eligible for the different treatment. You may discuss options with doctors.

Can I benefit from the LASIK Thailand treatment?

Yes. The hyperopia 6 diopters are corrected with the LASIK Thailand treatment. In case, your prescription is much higher than you might have the phakic intraocular implantation and clear lens extraction.

Will I require reading glasses after the LASIK Thailand treatment?

As people add some candles to birthday cakes, at around age of 40, natural autofocusing lens of eye starts to lose autofocus ability. It is while the reading glasses look and nearsighted people begin lifting the glasses to see up very close. While LASIK Thailand operation also removes nearsighted person’s, they can shortly in case, not instantly see better in distance for first time & will require some help to see up close at a few point after age of 40, just like rest of the normal vision people forty. An only exception is “monovision,” unnatural condition where eye is left slightly nearsighted.

Am I the good candidate?

Yes, we can correct astigmatism through the reshaping of cornea with laser.

Do I need second treatment for astigmatism to get treated?

No, the astigmatism is corrected during course of LASIK Thailand procedure. In case, astigmatism is very high, you may need the procedure named astigmatic keratotomy.