MTF sex reassignment Thailand

Why the MTF sex reassignment Thailand required?

Now day’s many fashionable loving male are selecting the MTF sex reassignment Thailand to feel the women behavior. In this regard, they can prepare to move through any critical surgical process as well as any cost. Study show that many developed countries modern people are much interested for the surgical process than other. Due to these reasons, they are choosing Thailand for their surgical process because they have conformed about the success. In Thailand the patients can get best treatment as well as some therapy process in cheap. So, the worlds over patients are moving towards the place for their surgery.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for MTF sex reassignment Thailand

There is not any extra cost in case, any of the correction and additional checkups are needed. (Second stage of MTF sex reassignment Thailand such as colon transposition vaginoplasty is not at all considered correction, as well as are separate fee). All the post operative aftercare throughout patient’s lives are given without any cost.

Criteria for MTF sex reassignment Thailand

Patient should be 18 years of age and patients may need the permission from the parents in case, under 20 years of age.

Patients should get diagnosed with one of following disorders: the gender identity disorder, the gender dysphoria, and associated conditions (depression and anxiety).

Patients should have undergone one year of the antiandrogens and hormones.

Patients are needed to have lived the full time in cross gender role for one year (supported by the Identification Documents).

Patients should have the approval from psychiatrist (MD), the psychiatric worker, and clinical psychologist.

Surgical Procedure for MTF sex reassignment Thailand

The procedure is combination of the penile skin inversion as well as immediate full thickness the skin graft. Vaginal canal & opening is made under urethral opening as well as prostate gland. The vaginal depth is of the concern to most of the patients. Most important factor to make depth is amount of the penile shaft skin. Technique lengthens depth of vagina is making use of full thickness graft from scrotal. The hair on scrotum should get removed so skin graft is been placed at distal end of penile skin flap and this method will lengthen depth least 2 more inches.

The portion of glans (head of penis), with nerves as well as vessels, is been converted in clitoris. While doing so, clitoris are functional in the sensation and in the appearance. An excess erectile tissue over urethra must get removed to avoid symptoms, which stem from the engorged erectile tissue at time of sexual arousal, and that might result in narrowing of vaginal opening. The colon transposition is been used for the patients who require more of depth (exceeding eight inches).

MTF sex reassignment Thailand – Performed under the Therapy Process!